About us

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Accipiter LTD is a group of experienced professionals who have navigated the forex market for the past 8 years. We offer the easiest, precise and the most accurate forex trading signals on the web! Our main goal is to offer forex trading guidance to all kinds of forex traders regardless of their experience in the market.

We have a team of programmers and experienced traders who specialize in the forex markets and have been trading successfully over the last decade. We have developed a mechanical system that monitors the market 24/5 and sends you the signals in real time. All the signals are monitored by real traders.

The signals are being sent by real traders who scan a wide selection of live global market and sends real-time trading alerts whenever there is a good trading opportunity. Yet, we are doing our best in maintaining the highest winning ratio possible. However, be aware that in some trading days winning ratio might drop a bit as not all trading days are equal.

We are constantly upgrading our service and seeking to provide the best trading signals as we can.  Accipiter LTD is recognized by the industry as the best forex signal company in the world.